Life threatening?

For the last few weeks I have been mulling over the MWCC#9 challenge word postulated by the drunken cyclist, the winner of the MWCC#8 challenge: Fear.  Puttering in the vineyards, cleaning up in the cellar, shifting bottles, pouring wine for customers, studying and trying to fit that word into the world of wine that I know.  There are plenty of apprehensions, concerns, moments of anxiety and disappointments – but being afraid?  No.

This developed into my thinking about life in general and what prompted me to succumb to sick-stomach, tense-jaw, weak-limbed Fear.  These days, I am gratefully secure and happy, not unaware that there is danger, but not directly threatened either.  Wine, in fact, is a larger part of my life because of my associations with Fear and the reality that I could’ve been long gone and have missed savoring so many joys of life, including wine.  My stories are nothing like those who suffer daily and weekly battles in their communities, which we know still happens in too many parts of the world.  Nor do I face restrictions in my beliefs, my activities or my race – I am free to speak my mind, worship how I choose, or not and I fit into an average demographic for my region, state and country.  My life is not threatened daily, but there have been a few times when we have met and that is how I know Fear is not associated with my world of wine.

The details of my meetings with Fear are irrelevant, we all have stories, mine are for the past.  I take great pleasure in tending my garden, growing my herbs, vegetables and some fruit.  Baking, canning, preserving, and wine making hard on the heels of harvesting my treasures.  Working with the vines, or working with customers in the winery, I share my joy with like-minded people and marvel in the differences that can come together over such a delicate beverage.  Wine and peace are associated for me; so much better than Fear.

Cheers, share a sip with me and find the beauty in each day.

14 thoughts on “Life threatening?

  1. When we first met I admired your fearless zest for life. It’s great you can share that with others.


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